Shipping Container Services

Shipping Container Service

Milano Rottami offers an efficient, tailor-made shipping container service that is customised and personalised to meet even the most varied customer needs. The company provides third-party companies with a wide range of waste containers for rent, used for keeping industrial scrap that will be collected later. These containers are adapted for the collection of any kind of waste:
  • Roll-off trucks for waste collection
  • Open dumpsters
  • Watertight boxes
  • Boxes covered with hydraulic pistons and pumps for opening/closing the lid

Roll-Off Box with Lid

Various types of roll-offs with different sized covers are available, with different technologies: normal, electric, hydraulic pump with a central external cylinder, and right and left openings.

Roll-Off Box with Open Top

When it comes to open roll-off containers, various models of many sizes and features are available, including large vehicles with reinforced walls, double doors and many other varieties.
Materiali ferrosi

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