Machine Fleet

Vehicles and Machinery for Metal Collection in Salassa

Milano Rottami provides a vast and well-stocked fleet of machines, having state-of-the-art equipment and modern means for delivering functional, high-quality service. Working in the environmental field and in the field of waste management involves the use of specific machinery that has characteristics determined by industry regulations. This is to ensure that the transport and management of this waste takes place in a manner conforming with those regulations.

Motor vehicles

Milano Rottami provides a selection of vehicles for the collection and transport of special, non-hazardous waste.
Our Canavese company has dump trucks, crane trucks and roll-off trucks that can be used for different purposes, making it possible to differentiate according to specific needs and requirements.


As for the sorting, selection and demolition work, this Canavese company boasts efficient industrial loaders, excavators with clamping shears, and forklifts that comprise a modern machine fleet used for high-quality services.

Discover the Milano Rottami machine fleet in Salassa, Via Valperga, 27

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