Our Scrap Trade in the Turin Province

Milano Rottami works with brokering between industrial entities of various types and those who need recovery operations, as well as companies interested in purchasing ferrous scrap.
Scrap recovery is part of a wider range of activities which involve keeping reserves and recovering special non-hazardous waste that is actually intended for reuse. Our service also covers ferrous materials, which, thanks to our handy equipment, are recovered, carefully selected and, if need be, reduced in size using an excavator equipped with clamping shears.


Milano Rottami collects and recovers ferrous metals from both waste production and industrial processing, and also from dismantling installations and structures. When the materials are ready to be remarketed, the company provides for the recycling and sale of ferrous metals intended for reuse within the steel industry. The ferrous metals available for sale are as follows:
  • Cast iron and alloys
  • Steel and alloys
Our staff is both at the full disposal of companies involved in recovering such materials from their output, and of companies intending to purchase such recovered materials.

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