Ferrous Waste Certification
Outside of the Turin Province

Milano Rottami operates in full compliance with environmental regulations and possesses the necessary permits issued by competent entities. In fact, we are regularly listed in the registry of waste disposers and have always distinguished ourselves by our high level of competence, professionalism and attention given to our customers. This guarantees high reliability and precision in all the services we provide. In order provide such service, our company pays maximum attention to regulations, keeping pace with the evolution of industry regulations and obtaining specific environmental certifications.

Permissions and Documents

In order to ensure maximum transparency on activities carried out in a field as delicate as the environment, you can find the permissions and documents certifying Milano Rottami's fulfillment of activity requirements below, granted by the following entities:
  • CCAA - Authorization for Collection and Transport
  • Torino Metropolitan City - Authorization to Deposit
  • SMAT - Discharge Authorization
  • Radioactivity - Portale Saphymo Annual Test
CCIAA - Authorization for Collection and Transport

SMAT - Discharge Authorization
Portale Saphymo Annual Test
Deployment Certificate 332.2008 Integrated with R4

For information and inquiries about the permissions held by Milano Rottami,

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