Metal Scrap Recovery in Turin and Throughout the Province

Milano Rottami possesses all the necessary authorisations for carrying out its activities, which are enacted in full compliance with environmental protection and safety regulations currently in force:
  • For the storage of waste for standard storage facilities
  • For waste transport, certifying the possession and use of suitable means of waste transfer
  • For hazardous and non-hazardous waste recovery activities
These certifications demonstrate the absolute transparency and professionalism offered by our company for our services in Turin and throughout the province.

Environmental Policy

In order to directly ensure environmentally-friendly service, this company in Turin has set up its own environmental policy, which it undertakes in order touphold a certified environmental management system by an accredited third entity. This is in order to monitor our company's environmental performance in addition tooperating in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding environmental safeguarding and protection. Milano Rottami is committed tocontaining emissions and consumption of energy resources, as well as raisingawareness and educating all employees, suppliers and customers by encouraging initiatives to protect the environment.These environmental objectives will be applied, according to market logic, to all the activities of Milano Rottami. They are also communicated to all staff and suppliers in order to pursue continuous improvement of the company and its environmental policies.
10/11/2014 - Environmental Policy
08/10/2014 - Certification CE 333/2011
17/06/2014 - RoHS-RAEE and heavy metals self-certification
06/02/2014 - ISO 14001 Certificate
13/01/2016 - Customer-Supplier Communication 2016

For corporate certification information, call +39 0124 360765

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